Messed up on my meal plan + Gym Update

So on my last blog post about my fitness update, I told you guys that I can eat rice again but alternating veggie only days and rice days…

Well, I’ve been doing that for the last few weeks but turns out I was only supposed to do that for a week—oops!

It was just funny because when I told my boyfriend (aka my personal trainer) about it, he said “I thought I was clear on this” but I misinterpreted what he said.

All good though! If you guys mess up like I did, just know what it’s okay because it’s all part of the process!

Gym Update

I should also note that I haven’t been to the gym the last few weeks either. I was so caught up with school stuff that I am always feeling so tired everyday and I just did not have the time to workout while having so much studying to do and having time to rest.

Now that things are kind of getting a little more chill, I am planning to go back this week!

Just a reminder—it’s okay to take time off from the gym to prioritize other things. We all get busy so it’s okay to rest, but be sure to not overwork yourself to the point our mental and physical health gets compromised!

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